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The Fats of Life Newsletter is written by scientist Gerard Bannenberg, Ph.D., with input from the Scientific Advisory Board below and other science and medical experts as needed. Each issue is reviewed by the scientific advisors before posting.


The board consists of research or medical scientists with expertise in lipids or fatty acids, medicine, clinical nutrition, research methods or related fields, who are actively engaged in research at a university or governmental institution. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board may be invited to serve for up to five years. Each member reviews all articles for each issue of the PUFA Newsletter and provides comments to the editor for consideration in the final copy.

J. Thomas Brenna, Ph.D.
Berthold V. Koletzko, M.D., Ph.D.
Adina T. Michael-Titus, D.Sc.
Trevor A. Mori, Ph.D.


The Fats of Life Newsletter and website are sponsored by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED), headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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