Newsletter Guidelines: Articles for the PUFA Newsletter and Fats of Life are based on published scientific literature, with full citation of each featured article(s) included in the PUFA Newsletter. HTML links to substantiating information may be included in article text. Articles include brief background information to the research topic, descriptions of the methods, results and authors’ interpretations of the findings with or without additional commentary to put the research into perspective. The editor is solely responsible for the content of the newsletters. Every effort is expended to report the findings accurately as originally published. If unintentional errors, typographical or otherwise, occur, they will be corrected as soon as reasonably possible after detection.

The PUFA Newsletter also publishes invited guest commentaries from scientific experts whose authorship is acknowledged. This newsletter may also include interviews with scientific experts, notices of scientific or government policies pertaining to the content of the newsletters, reviews of recommended intakes and other material deemed of interest to newsletter readers.

Outside material: Neither the PUFA Newsletter or Fats of Life accept, endorse, reproduce or solicit any materials from outside sources, except as noted above.

Advertising policy: The newsletters do not sell, promote, endorse or recommend any products, including those of the web site sponsor. The Fats of Life web site accepts no advertisements.

Illustrative material: Illustrations reproduced from original publications are done so with permission of the copyright holder with acknowledgement of such permission. All photographic or other illustrative material is used under the terms of license from the originating source. To the best of our knowledge, no illustrations are reproduced without written permission of the copyright or license holder.

Copyright and trademarks: The mark “Fats of Life” and the logo of an oil droplet with the words “Fats of Life” ® enclosed in a circle are trademarks and service marks of GOED.

Reprints and permissions: Articles from the PUFA Newsletter and Fats of Life may be reprinted and distributed without permission provided that acknowledgement of the original source is given. No articles or their illustrations may be altered in any way and no illustrative material subject to copyright protection may be reproduced.

Site Function: GOED, newsletter staff and any of their subcontractors do not guarantee or warrant against errors, omissions, delays, interruptions or losses, including loss of data. GOED reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Fats of Life web site or any part thereof, without notice.

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